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涼風 Suzuka [Dual-Audio DVD][BD x264 AAC]

I kind of struggle with what to say about this anime. I didn't really love this but I did like it. It was akin to watching someone climb Mount Everest: Not the most exciting thing but as you watch them battle obstacle after obstacle you end up rooting for them. The humor isn't particularly good… Read More »

Blassreiter 480p Dual Audio 5.1 x265 HEVC

This was a pretty decent anime, not great but I didn't dislike it. This had a lot of things going for it, the graphics were great, nice use of colors. There were some great lines and moments. The story, if nothing else, was imaginative. There were also many interesting characters, even if they didn't play… Read More »

スクライド Scryed [DUAL-AUDIO] [1080p] [x265]

This was a pretty good anime, great characters and an imaginative story. Too violent for the very young I would think. I don't have much criticism for this, the resolution could be better but that is not uncommon in older anime (and it is the best available, given the source). The torrent was decent as… Read More »